Let us introduce ourselves.

We are a team of 18 marketing professionals and tech nerds who have come together to make your life much easier. Marketers and technical types often don’t mix well. Although we sometimes feel the urge to resort to employing the fine art of cage fighting to resolve issues (or more likely a game of Tetris), on the whole, we’ve formed an amazing team who spend our time creating really complicated management platforms that are logical and simple to use.

Andras and Norbert set up a digital marketing agency but could not find a platform they were happy with when handling multiple accounts and that could service multi national clients as well as small business clients. So, they sourced and employed some extremely talented people (we would say that, but it’s true…) to make one for them. In fact, the system worked so well and was so easy for their clients to use with great results that the idea for releasing Esemdee was born.

We are all about making social media easy for any business, including yours. We know how fast social media moves and how sometimes, simply keeping track of what your users are posting seems like a job in itself. We also understand how hard it is to give users freedom to post while protecting the brand you are working hard to promote. Esemdee was created to make our lives easier, so we know it will work for you.

What is Esemdee?

Marketing a business with multiple branches on social media can sometimes feel like nailing jelly to the wall. keeping track of who is posting what, if it’s consistent to your brand, what is working and making sure it’s relevant to local areas…. we could go on but we know you are getting the idea.

Because you deal with it every day.

If only someone could create a platform that gave users freedom to post, ensured important messages were put out, but retained ultimate corporate control to stop those potentially damaging posts from slipping through.

We get it.

Born from necessity, tweaked for ease of use and improved constantly, Esemdee is the only social media management platform your business will need. Creating, scheduling, approving and tracking over all popular social media platforms have never come together in such a simple to use system. Can you tell we are a bit proud?

Created by Marketers for the needs of marketers, and used successfully by our customers with little marketing or technical knowledge, we are so excited to be bringing the product to you.

Esemdee was created to save money, time and brand image for ourselves and our clients, and that will always be our aim. We don’t stand still and are always developing ways to make OUR Social Media marketing team perform to their maximum, which ultimately means you benefit as well.