Esemdee for Micro and Small Businesses

We know how many hats you need to wear as a one-man band or small business owner. Let esemdee be your silent partner, handling your social media marketing headaches, improving your efficiency, and allowing you time to be the star.

Resources Relevant to You

Your story is the most important for you on social media, but you need to fill the gaps too. Producing fresh, interesting content regularly is hard and takes a lot of time and planning. That is why our resource centre holds 1000’s of ready to publish content covering over 30 industry categories so you can find the best fit for you. Publish them immediately or add your special spice to them to suit your need. Create your own resources by adding your favourite blogs and RSS feeds.

Post Creation & Scheduling

Plan ahead and schedule your posts in advance to your social media accounts. Manage your daily, weekly and monthly post scheduling with ease. Create your own content effortlessly or use our library of ready to post ideas created by a team of professionals. Our auto post and scheduling tool allows you to build up a queue of posts with no limits, continuously publishing for you even when you are on holiday.

Build Your Own Personal Library

We all use several platforms and devices throughout the day – a photo may be on your phone, an interesting video saved on facebook and a website to share on your desktop computer. Drop them all into esemdee’s library developed just for you, ready to use at a moments notice.

Get Insights and Track Performance

Make your decisions based on meaningful insights of how your business performs on social media. Esemdee provides the latest analytics and metrics that are the most important to you to track your social profiles.